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My name is Youness, I am specialist Inventor in Artificial Intelligence technologies, I am the developer of Spiritual Machine, Faith 4.0 and Masjid Frameworks and the founder of Invention Academy company. 

I am the president of ForBladi Organization, we are interested in achieving digital transformation in Middle East and Africa, we support and train youth for creating projects to contribute in the progress and prosperity of their communities.


- Frank Tyger -

I started my journey in programming at the age of 16, I was fond of designing micro operating systems using x86 Assembly and C.  

In 1998, I developed an algorithm for translation between languages, it was my first invention.

I sold the patent rights to a Spanish company, then I dropped out of school and founded my first company to develop and market my inventions.

Since 2004, I started to provide custom SOC design services: (FPGA core + Standard modules like GPIO, I2C... + ASM to VHDL Modules).

In 2006, I marketed a processor that I designed. CPU-64 bit-8 cores inspired from OpenRISC design. My marketing plan was not smart enough, so I didn't meet my expectations. Finally, I sold it to a Singapore institute.

Due to customs obstacles, I decided to focus on embedded system design services . In 2014, I targeted the Yocto and Android embedded market, automotive, wearable …

In 2011, I developed my first FPGA Neural Network. In 2016, I started to target the market of AI and embedded system.

In 2017, I launched SMART CAR project: a Cloud AI service to control cars, in addition to a system to produce energy from road...The project was announced at the 1st edition of the National Forum of Moroccan Inventors and Innovators, organized by the National Federation of Moroccan Inventors and Innovators in Rabat...

The project encountered many obstacles..., we did not obtain support, we had difficulties in obtaining authorizations for testing the car. Every time, we imported devices, we faced problems with customs.

Therefore, I decided to focus on software design…

I have successfully developed a car control platform (Cloud SaaS) to control, monitor, manage cars... with full support of ML/DL algorithms.

I started to focus on investing in Cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence. 

In the Cloud, I have many advantages: I don't need authorizations to test my work, my code is protected and I can sell the service but not the whole project… 

In 2020, I developed Faith 4.0 Framework, an Industry 4.0 technology to manage all religious institutions in the world, powered by:  NLP, Machine Learning, Deep learning, IoT and Blockchain technologies.

Masjid is the first implementation of Faith 4.0 Framework. I developed Masjid to accelerate the digital transformation of Islamic Institutes to keep up with the Digital Natives generation needs and challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

My experience in embedded systems helped me design and re-design cost saving solutions, up to 6 times faster than my competitors' solutions. I take care of resources consumption when I design and develop my projects...I am still using Floppy disks in my work.

I like reading and writing, I am attracted by the diversity of cultures and civilizations in the world. I like to know more about other nations, their customs, beliefs, arts and innovations,…

As president of ForBladi Organization, we have organized diverse activities to train youth in the necessary skills to become the inventors of tomorrow.

Mr. Saad-Eddine El Othmani, Head of the Moroccan Government

Faculty of Letters and Humanities Ben M'sik, Casablanca

The National Council for Human Rights - Syria

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